Deze keer hebben we een inzending gekregen van één van onze Oosterburen: Jen. Deze Duitse jongedame zal ons (als het goed gaat) vaker inzendingen sturen. Deze inzending (in het Engels) zullen gaan over de games die ze speelt en cosplay’s die ze zelf doet of bewondert bij anderen. Ook films en series zullen de revue passeren, normaal met een link naar actuele of upcoming games…of zoals deze keer….over een topic waar veel games van zijn gemaakt: sport 😉

The movie Goon is an action packed adaption of the book ‘Goon: The True Story of an Unlikely Journey Into Minor League Hockey’ written by Doug Smith and Adam Frattasio. It contains much heart and humor, in which Seann W. Scott exceptionally doesn’t play the womanizer but the enforcer of a hockey team called Halifax Highlanders.

Michael Dowse brings some familiar faces to be big screen like Seann William Scott, well known for his role as ‘Stifler’ from the American Pie movies as well as Eugene Levy (‘Jim’s Dad), but we got also the untamed Sabretooth actor Liev Schreiber who this time portrays Scotts counterpart Ross ‘The Boss’ Rhea.

Scott jumps into the role of ‘Doug’, a normal guy who step by step becomes a hockeyplayer, all triggered by an event similar to the Boston Bruins incident in 1979, where they climbed into the stands and fought the fans of Madison Square Garden – that’s when his life starts to change: after cracking the helmet of an hockey player who insulted his friend which caused a sensation big enough for him to get invited to a training session. Soon after he gets a conract
for the Halifax Highlanders and his journey as Doug ‘The Thug’ Glatt begins.

There are three different plots taking place in the movie, perfectly combined by Dowes: Doug gaining enough attention to become a serious rival for Rhea; his conflict with his teammate Xavier LaFlamme who, since being heavily beaten up by Ross, isn’t able to score anymore and is unconsciously challenged for his position as co-captain; and last but not least we got all the emotional aspects regarding a girl, his team in general and also his family who doesn’t
respect his hockey career.

At 92 minutes the film isn’t too long and definitely fun to watch. If you are a fan of hockey, fights, blood and bad puns you are going to love that movie for sure. It is refreshing to see Seann Scott in a different role, the respect shown between his character and Schreiber’s is implemented perfectly, the development of his relationship towards his teammates – this movie definitely deserves a thumbs up.

If you want to see a ‘hebrew Dolph Lundgren’ beating up other guys in jerseys I can highly recommend this movie, you won’t regret watching it.